Big News From Rizzoli And Amazon

This is no small honor–Sassi Italy Tours Drawing from the Masters instructor Raphael Sassi‘s work is to be featured in an upcoming release from Skira Rizzoli about contemporary figurative art called The Figure.”   You can go here and pre-order your copy now for the upcoming release.  We could not be more proud of Raphael’s work and stand in awe of the success he’s had, and recognize that having him on staff sets our offering apart.  Any tour company can find a museum for you, and some even have artists and art historians on staff, but I’m unaware of any that have a talent like his to guide you to the masters, and fewer still a  comparable ability to show you the masterpieces of the Renaissance with his astute eye.

This is a big deal.  Yes, I’m bragging. 🙂

Check it out.  We’ll be releasing some pricing information on the Drawing from the Masters tour offering here shortly for the general public; given the talent Raphael brings to the table and how much less our offering will be than comparable offerings, I must say it’s a powerful bargain for any student or academic institution looking to offer students something unique and compelling.



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