Buy Wine From Us, and Support Covid-19 Relief in Italy!


UPDATE:  The list of wines is HERE.  Click on it and buy some great wines and support Covid relief in Italy!  Passcode is nebbiolo“, all lowercase.

You’re selling wine?

Well, kinda.  We’re working with a friend and partner in Alba, Valerie (to whom we regularly send day-trip clients who need a quick and handy guide to show them around Piemonte), who in turn is working with an Italian exporter and wine shop to deliver winery-direct Piemontese wines to the US and Canada.  The Italian exporter pays the duties, ships the wine quickly, and a portion of the profits is donated to Covid-19 relief efforts in Italy.

You’re helping Italian charities?

Absolutely–Italy is one of the hardest hit countries in the world, and it suffered quite a bit thanks to how popular it is as a travel destination.  It’s the least we can do as advocates for responsible travel to Italy, to give back to the Italians, support their health, and support their wineries we love.

Why do I want *these* wines?

  • We’re selecting wines you really can’t get in North America otherwise.  Our selections are small producer, artisanal wines made by producers who currently export very little if any wine to North America.
  • These are truly winery-direct–the only better way to get these wines would be to fly to the wineries yourself, and that’s not cheap…or possible at the moment!  These are wines that Valerie and Sebastian have personally tasted and verified to be fabulous representations of Piemonte winemaking, made by winemakers we know personally.  They’re wonderful examples of Piemonte wines you *should* get to know, made by winemakers we call friends.
  • Guaranteed provenance; the wines are selected at the winery by Valerie, and air shipped to you in North America as quickly as possible; they don’t spend weeks or months getting here on a cargo ship.

Doesn’t that make them expensive?

Not really! Because we’re buying winery-direct you’re getting a good deal, and an even better value.  Provenance-guaranteed Langhe wines direct to your door with a donation made along the way?  They’re very fairly priced and when you pop the cork, you’ll recognize what a value they really are.  And if you buy a twelve-bottle case at a time (our recommendation), shipping is included along with the duties and donation to Covid relief.

So how do I order?

Pick the wines you want from our list and we’ll give you a price for a case that includes shipping, duties, and the donation to Covid relief.  We’ll provide you a secure ecommerce link once you select the twelve wines you want from our selections; your electronic payment is processed by the exporter, and a short while later the wines arrive.

Ok, so what are the wines?

Look for a list of Nebbiolos, Barolos, Barbarescos, Barberas, Dolcettos, Alta Langa Spumante bubbly wines, and other Piemonte red and white standouts shortly.  The first round of shipments has already gone out, and dozens of cases of amazing wines are already in transit to the US; see information about the first set of selections at Valerie’s site.

What about wines from other regions?

Stay tuned.

Can I get a referral bonus for getting my friends to order a case too?

Heck yes!  See Val’s link above.

So you’re not really “selling” the wine per se are you?

SIT is accepting no remuneration or income on this actually, so yeah not really.  We just want to support Piemontese winemakers at this tough, tough moment, get some really good wines in your hands you can’t get otherwise, and maybe someday we’ll work on importing wine for profit.  But not right now.  So drink up!


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