Why choose Sassi Italy Tours?  Why not pick the other guy?          

Where to begin?  There are more advantages to touring Italy with us than we can ever dream to list, and until you have seen Italy with Doug as your guide, it’s almost hard to comprehend the difference — but it is there!  Every person to tour Italy with Doug will tell you what a different (and better) experience it is.  There are some tangible advantages…

  • Sassi Italy Tours limits it group size.  Our tour participants gain personal insight and guided advice from an expert with forty years of experience in Italian art, cuisine, culture, wine, and travel, all in an intimate small-group setting that our competitors just cannot match. You’ll never find yourself on a tour bus, flying past attractions. Instead, you’ll experience Italy with almost one-on-one expertise and come away with a depth of understanding about how important Italian culture, civilization, art, and cuisine are to modern life. You certainly won’t find this experience through the windows of a tour bus or in a large group session that’s leading you to all the same over-crowded spots that the other tour groups are swamping.
  • First and foremost, Doug Sassi is an artist and a professional art historian and educator. He’s not just another tourist.  Italy is, and has been from the beginning, his passion and his career.
  • Sassi Italy Tours knows all of the best off-the-beaten-path spots. Our itineraries boast restaurants where tourist menus aren’t the norm, sites and attractions where the crowds aren’t swarming, and unique destinations where you’re not seeing all the obvious and expected sites that everyone else is visiting.  Sure, we’ll take you to the major highlights in the big cities, but what you’ll truly experience is the real, authentic Italy as though you are an Italian yourself.
  • Sassi Italy Tours is connected to hotels, restaurants and museums as a result of decades spent leading students and others through Italy. Most tour companies cannot get you an opportunity to see the David with no one else in the room. Most tour companies do not guide you to authentic (non-tourist-trap) restaurants in hidden parts of Venice and Florence.  Most tour companies do not arrange for stays in quality four-star hotels at bargain prices. We can do all of these things.
  • Because of our extensive network of contacts and years of experience, we can control costs and get you more for your dollar (and euro!). We can travel during off-peak hours to places that other tourist-trap-friendly organizations don’t know about.  We know when to go, where to stay, and how to stretch a dollar the furthest. Other tour companies may appear less expensive, but at the end of the day, they simply do not provide as much bang for your buck. Per dollar, you get to experience more of Italy with us than you could with anyone else.  You’re not waiting in line, you’re not getting fleeced in tourist-traps, and you’re not over-paying for sub-par accommodations.
  • We build the tour to your specifications.  Want to save money eating economically?  We know how and where.  Want to splurge? We know where to take you to make it count. Our itineraries, timeframes, and destinations are 100% customizable to suit your needs.  Before you travel, we’ll consult with you to find out where you want to go, what you want to see, eat, and drink, and how much you can afford to spend.   We’ll build a tour around what you want, instead of pigeonholing you into a pre-built tour package.
  • We pride ourselves on our recommendations. You can pick any Italian city or region, and Doug Sassi will offer the best places to go, stay, experience, eat, and drink.  Whether you have a predetermined idea or are looking for someone to plan your tour for you, we have the best solutions.
  • Nobody in the tours business can match our level of personal consultation, attention to detail, and flexibility.  

What does it cost?

This depends entirely on how you want to see Italy.  What time of year? How long would you like to travel?  How many people will you have in your group? Do you have preferences for hotels and restaurants?  Though we normally arrange for four-star hotels, we are happy to economize with three-star hotels for your convenience. If you’re looking for a true luxury experience, we can arrange for stays in the best five-star hotels that Italy has to offer.

What about airfare?

Airfare is highest in the summer and typically lowest from October through March. Airfare is a big component of your budget, so we suggest you take this into consideration while planning for your trip.

Is it safe?

Italy is a very safe country for travelers.  We always keep your safety and comfort in mind when planning our trips.

How do I book a tour?

To start the conversation, you can email info@sassi-italy-tours.com or call us at 443-480-6156. We’ll examine your ideas and requests, and we’ll make a few preliminary suggestions.  Once you have a chance to digest our recommendations, we can create a tentative agenda and provide a cost estimate.

So like I was saying, what does it cost?

Based on the average ten-day trip, the cost typically begins around $3800 per person, for off-peak travel from November through February. A general breakdown is as follows:

  • $850 -$1000 for airfare during off-peak months
  • $200 per night in a four-star hotel room
  • $75 per day for eating and drinking

As we mentioned, all tours are completely customizable and we are happy to arrange for both lower and bigger budget requests.

Sounds like you guys handle everything.

Yes, we do! We like our trips to feel easy and seamless. With years of experience, you can sincerely put your confidence in us.  Your responsibility is to show up on time, bring a camera, and have a lot of fun!  We do all the hard stuff.

You really think your tours are better than the competitors?

Sincerely, yes!  We pride ourselves on the quality and authenticity of every trip we organize. We can navigate our way around the typical pitfalls of international travel: lines, hassles, tourist-traps, overpaying, and generally anything that would detract from your experience.

What’s the largest group you’ll usually take?

We recommend that our tours are no larger than twelve people.  Based on our experiences, the personalized and authentic trips that we pride ourselves on are not as feasible with a group much larger than twelve people. If you must travel with a larger group, please let us know and we’ll do our best to make appropriate arrangements and recommendations.

We’re a school/educational institution/college, and we need someone to plan a trip for 30 people.

Good news — we can still help you! Though the experience is very different from our smaller group tours, we are able to arrange and plan for large groups. Doug Sassi ran Severn School’s Italian Exchange from 1987-2011 and has a wealth of knowledge on arranging cultural exchanges. Please reach out to us, and we can provide one-on-one consultation.


 Sassi Italy Tours

12740 Still Pond Road Still Pond, MD 21667 US

Phone: 443-480-6156 Website: http://www.SassiItalyTours.com

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