Venice Side Trips: Glass and Lace

There is a beautiful, quiet island in the Venetian lagoon where few tourists go.  It is famous for its handmade lace and its fabulous food.  The tallest houses are but three stories high and all are brightly painted.  When visiting there, you will wonder aloud:  can a place this magical really exist?   Burano boasts three world-class restaurants, one of which was recently featured on Anthony Bourdain’s “No Reservations” (though Doug has been a regular there for decades!).  This is a quiet, serene, enchanted place far off the well-worn path.  There are no tour buses here.  There are no crowds.  There is only the quiet Venetian tranquility not found elsewhere.

In the Venetian lagoon, on the famous island of Murano, watch glass being made and shop in dozens of places for the finished work.  Afterword, have an excellent meal of freshly caught seafood prepared in the traditional Veneziano fashion…simple, ingredient-centric, dynamic flavors you will taste nowhere else.  Murano, beautiful and delicious like no other.

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