The Michelangelo Tour

Join us first in Rome to view some of Michelangelo’s masterpieces: the Sistine Chapel, his first Pieta, the Moses, and countless examples of his stunningly designed pieces of architecture. Before entering the Sistine Chapel, Doug Sassi will review the photos offered and point out overarching themes that you can hunt for upon entering!  From Rome, we’ll travel to Florence to see the David, Bacchus, Brutus and the Doni Tondo as well as Michelangelo’s home where many of his early works are on display.

In addition to viewing some of his greatest works of art, we’ll dive deeper into the history behind the man and the impact he had on culture, past and present. In Florence, we can tour the basilica of Santa Croce where Michelangelo’s Tomb resides.  We can compare the copy of the David in Piazza della Signoria to the original in the Accademia.  Doug Sassi can bring alive the depth of the Master’s genius and help you take in his greatest works as though looking with Michelangelo’s eyes. Having our own Doug Sassi, an artist and art historian with four decades experience, guide your tour guarantees a greater understanding and emotional connection to the Renaissance masterpieces that underpin the importance of Italian culture to modernity.

There is no substitute for discovering Michelangelo with Sassi Italy Tours. We offer a unique, in-depth understanding of the importance of Michelangelo’s work and the breadth of his influence.  With our expert guidance, you’ll get a feel for Michelangelo’s true genius.

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