About Sassi Italy Tours

Sassi Italy Tours offers a unique opportunity:  a true-to-life emotional connection to Italy as it should be experienced.  Our personalized and customizable tours immerse you in Italian art, history, culture, food, wine, architecture, and spirit from the moment your plane lands in this ancient, amazing place.  We specialize in offering an authentic Italian experience — the off-the-beaten-path destinations, hidden cities, and magical places that most tours miss entirely.

Our family-run team arranges for your every need from beginning to end:  flights, hotels, trains, water-taxis, shuttles, museum and historical site admissions, and other cultural activities. Throughout your entire trip, we recommend boutique family-run restaurants for a distinctly authentic culinary experience. With 30-years of experience and Italian knowledge, we know where to find the best that Italy has to offer!  Our detail-oriented approach maximizes your time spent simply enjoying ITALIA and minimizes time lost to lines, waits, bad food, tourist traps, and crowds.  Never worry about getting lost or missing something important; with Sassi Italy Tours, you only need to show up at the airport ready to experience the best.

Guided tours of Italy in a small, private setting

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