We’re always happy to provide references to prospective travelers. In the interim, here are a few messages we’ve received from some happy customers.


Just got back from Spain and had a wonderful time, but the experience did not compare with my family’s two trips to Italy with you. I hired professional guides for most of the sites in Spain. They were very good, but you were better. Your knowledge of Italian art, history, and culture is simply amazing. You did a wonderful job putting together an itinerary that allowed us to see the important sites, including sites off the normal beaten path and at a relaxed pace. Last but not least, you know where to eat and you know Italian wine. My three boys will all tell you that the best three meals they ever ate were with Mr. Sassi in Italy: in Pompeii, in Rome, and in Venice. Spain was fun, but Italy with Sassi was better. My eldest son was right: you are an impossible act to follow.

Best regards,

Bob T

If you’d like to see Italy with the most wonderful guide who is an art history expert, go with Sassi Italy Tours! He has done study abroad with high school students, and guided tours for adults for 40 years…Fred, Adam and I went to Florence, Venice and Pisa with Doug Sassi and it was an amazing experience.

Thanks again,

Nancy R

My daughter’s birthday fell on the day she was touring Florence with Doug Sassi. He helped me prearrange for a delivery of a dozen red roses to my daughter at dinner at a fabulous restaurant.

That sort of personalized touch is what makes Doug’s tours so great. Highly recommend him to anyone.

DonnaMarie S


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