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doug bridgeSince 1987, I have been leading tours in Italy (for Americans) and in the USA (for Italians).  Italy — its art, its culture, cuisine, wine, and its people — is my family’s passion.

Unlike our competitors, Sassi Italy Tours specializes in small groups and providing a unique depth of experience.  I have been a student of Italian Renaissance Art History since childhood and taught it in a private school for three decades.  Additionally, I have been a practicing potter for over 40 years.  Especially germane to these tours: I have extensive knowledge of hotels, restaurants, public transportation and the wines of Italy.  Not infrequently, I actually receive messages from Italians asking for recommendations for restaurants and hotels in the major Italian cities in which I have guided tours.

Pricing for the Standard Introduction to Italy Tour (3 nights Rome, 2 nights Florence, 3 nights Venice) starts at $3800pp November through February, and $3950pp March and April, and please inquire about summertime rates for May through October. Pricing includes airfare from PHL (inquire about other departure locations), hotels, trains, transfers, private guidance, admissions, breakfast in hotels, and note that no two trips are identical!
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Contact us for information or requests for specific places in Italy that you would like to visit. A wide variety of trips are possible at any time of the year.  Every Sassi Italy Tour is a customized, once-in-a-lifetime experience.


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  1. I’m planning on taking my son, his wife and two sons (aged 12 and 15) to Italy this summer. I immediately thought of you – a friend and I have stopped in to purchase some pottery from you at Still Pond on occasion! We haven’t determined the places we want to go to but do want some off the beaten track places too. I’m just interested in what you have to offer and prices range(s).

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Guided tours of Italy in a small, private setting

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