Vicenza and Verona

Home to the Palladian wonder “La Rotunda,” Vicenza is a wonderful small city in the Veneto which is often overlooked by travelers. A short train ride from Milan, Brescia, Verona, and Venice, Vicenza has a unique, welcoming, and lovely culture and a cuisine with its own local twists on Italian classics.  Easy to access via train and public transportation, it’s not that getting to places like Vicenza and Verona is exceedingly difficult, it’s merely that most travelers– American, European, or otherwise –simply aren’t encouraged by their tour guides to get off the beaten path. Sassi Italy Tours is confident that the time investment made in getting away from the ordinary will be rewarded with wonderful experiences in ities like Brescia, Vicenza, Verona, and other quaint little towns in Italy’s heretofore “undiscovered” lake country.

Verona is famous for its well-preserved Roman amphitheater, a magnificent red marble structure replete with seating for 25,000, and its Roman arena, the best-preserved example in all of Europe replete with ancient fossils still visible as you climb its steps.  Stroll around Castelvecchio, its fortified bridge, and wander past Casa Giulieta (Juliet Capulet’s house, for you Shakespeare lovers).  Verona also embraces the modern with some of the best restaurants found in Italy and fantastic wine cellars to match.  Not to be missed.

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