Venice: Magic On The Water

If you read a lot, nothing is as great as you’ve imagined. Venice is— Venice is better.
– Fran Lebowitz

Sassi Italy Tours offers you the Venice experience as it’s meant to be. Explore not only the well known historic parts of Venice, but travel to the more remote islands of the lagoon where fewer tourists go.  Here, you’ll discover excellent food, wine, art, and shopping. Venice is a city of mystery, intrigue, and romance, with wonderful secrets waiting to be uncovered by the adventurous traveler under the guidance of Sassi Italy Tours. Our clients need not worry about getting lost, squandering precious time, or not knowing how to find the best Venice has to offer.

Venice, in addition to her mystery and romance, is an unparalleled adventure for the senses.  The Byzantine architecture. The ancient canals quietly whiling the day away. The canalside vendors delivering fresh fish and vegetables via gondola. The off-season misty nights, seen from quiet backstreets on an evening walk. The terracotta rooftops from your hotel window. The basil and garlic and white wine cooking, wafting enticing aromas about in a side street ciccheteria or cafe. We separate ourselves from the rest by offering an unbeatable experiential education in Venice’s magical secrets.

Originally, all the bridges in Venice were built without side railings or walls.  There are only two left that lack these concessions to modernity and safety, standing as they did centuries ago. Sassi Italy Tours can take you to one of these landmark bridges, located on a remote island where Venice began. Join us on this vaporetto ride well worth the trip across the lagoon.  Burano, Murano, Torcello… amazing, boutique, quiet, serene, enchanting places away from the main sestiere of Venice proper, all which hide some of the most compelling experiences Italy has to offer. Sassi Italy Tours’ specialty is the history of this city, the magical places not found on the standard tourist maps.

Words truly cannot capture the essence of Venice.  You just have to see it to understand, and there is no better way to see Venice than the Sassi Italy Tours Venice Tours experience.

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