Get Off the Beaten Path!

Have you ever toured an Italian market?  The core of the Italian culinary experience is fresh fruits, vegetables, oils, wines, herbs, and spices sourced from local markets.  In Venice, the mussels and clams you can enjoy at lunch are purchased canal-side that morning from vendors who plucked them fresh from the sea as the sun rose.  In Rome and Florence, markets dot the city and offer fresh flavors unlike anything else you’ve ever tasted.

Sassi Italy Tours offers you not just the sites and sights of Firenze Vecchio, of Ancient Rome, of Pompei and Campania, of the Lake Region and the Veneto, but the smells, tastes, sounds, and dolce vita that are what it is to live in Italy.  We place you in the small local farmers’ market, the family-run restaurant, the boutique hotel, and the places most tour groups simply miss.  We specialize in showing you the off-the-beaten-path markets, shops, bistros, trattorie, and places that the tour buses fly right by.  We take you out of the traditional comfort zones and expose you to everyday Italian life, such that you return home with sense of what it really means to be an Italian (and you also want to start planning your next trip immediately).  Sassi Italy Tours’ focus is experiential education:  an once-in-a-lifetime full immersion experience in Italian culture.

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Guided tours of Italy in a small, private setting

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