Exploring The Wine Trails Of Italy

Need we say more?

Wine *is* civilization; its history, the methods by which it comes to us, and the nexus between food, wine, and family are the heart of the Italian experience.  There is no better way to feel connected to Italy than to experience its viticulture, and to meet the people responsible for bringing some of the best wines on the planet to your local wine store.

Let us know what wine regions and styles most interest you, and we can arrange a customized Italian wine experience that you’ll remember for a lifetime…and want to repeat again and again.  Sassi Italy Tours will arrange private tastings, vineyard walks, food and wine pairing discussions, and personal introductions to the winemakers themselves in some of the best wine regions on the planet–Piemonte, Friuli, Lugana, Soave, Toscana, and more.  Our clients consistently insist that the food and wine culture portion of their tours are the most memorable, and in fact wine tours are among the least costly ways to really see and experience the authentic Italy.  We can say it without reservation: if gastronomic tours are what you want, exploring the wine trails of Italy *will be* the experience of a lifetime.


Guided tours of Italy in a small, private setting

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