This is fantastically written and really makes me hungry for some linguine alle seppie.  You really must try them.



We put the last batch in the freezer, for Lord’s sake, something we never do because you can’t freeze the ink.  Only God knows how we’re going to eat all this.  Sandwiches.  Hash.  Croquettes.  Casserole surprise.  Parfait.

Lino says the next time he hears our neighbor’s boat returning, he (Lino) is going to close the shutters and turn out all the lights.  But I think we’d start hearing strange knocks on the door, and  look out to find a herd of seppie on the steps waving their tentacles and saying “What’s wrong with us?  You loved our parents.  Let us in!  Throw us in the pot!  Hurl us onto the griddle!  Send us to Valhalla with the seppie warrior-maidens!”

There are two sayings here, which mean the same thing:  “Piove sempre sul bagnato” (It always rains where it’s wet) and “Quando sei ubriaco tutti ti danno da bere” (When you’re drunk, everybody offers you a drink).  The seppie now need their own proverb.  I’m working on it.  It will be essentially the same idea, but squishier.

So This Was Good

Really enjoyed this the other night, paired with some Talenti gelato and some The Americans reruns.   It was more acidic than I expected, but the color was that spot-on garnet rust that you want from a nebbiolo and while the finish was short, it had that flinty minerality that just reminds you of the wine you get in Italy that’s hard to find here in the States.

nebbiolo 1       nebbiolo 2
It seemed a fancier version of the table red you get at one of my favorite spots in Venice (al Mascaron) with your lobster spaghetti.  If you’re looking for something that just “tastes like Italy” in a very legit-but-off-the-beaten-path way (and if you’re reading this, I know you are), an excellent choice indeed.

Venice Through The Keyhole

Venice through the keyhole


The wife spotted this great photo opp on a recent trip and it just might be my favorite Venice picture ever.  The bit of seaweed floating, the stillness and quiet of a slowly decaying city that decays beautifully, the gondoliero waiting for his next fare, hat in hand.  It’s ancient Venice perfectly preserved.