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French Wine Bubble?

There’s an easy solution to this that I’m almost scared to offer:

Drink Italian wine instead.  Duh.

I’m scared to offer this “solution” as it concerns me to think that the international consumers in the US and China who are driving the costs of these old saw wines through the roof are going to discover Piemonte and Tuscany and other regions as acceptable alternatives for their snotty snootery and one-up-manship and start driving prices exorbitantly high for the great value Italian bottles more people should be trying.  Italian wine is far more democratic and accessible, so that probably won’t happen as scarcity isn’t the same issue there…but still.



Very much enjoyed this with our shallot butter tomato soup with homemade garlic bread this evening. While I’m partial to anything Italian and red, aglianico isn’t always at the top of my list for some reason; this one however immediately won me over and only got stronger with 10-20 mins out of the bottle. Corky, woody tannins that aren’t overdone and a fantastic mouthfeel–it’s just wonderful to sip.

My local wine store had it on sale for a price so low I’m embarrassed to say, but they claimed it was ordinarily $14. I got it for $8, and enjoyed it more than bottles I’ve spent three times as much on. Buy it if you see it.