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Branzino from the Lagoon!

One of our favorite meals in the world is the grilled branzino, filleted table side by our good friend Massimo, and served in the incomparable Trattoria da Romano’s outside seating.  A little drizzle of olive oil, a squirt of fresh lemon, and the only restaurant in Venice allowed to cook over an open flame shows you why it’s worth traveling around the world for.

Join us!


Massimo, il Chirugo! (Massimo the Surgeon!)

Our friend Massimo at Burano’s off-the-beaten-path but storied Trattoria da Romano never fails to impress with his craftsmanship tableside; one of the great things about Italy is the pride and professionalism undertaken by people in all walks of life, particularly in regard to the art that is food preparation and presentation.

Massimo is a fine example.  Hungry?  We are!

Risotto–It’s What’s For Dinner (I Wish)


As the sun sets on a lovely Saturday afternoon in fall, it makes me wish I was on Burano this afternoon enjoying a plate of Trattoria Da Romano’s timeless, unequaled, and definitive seafood risotto.

It’s a dish made with love, served with precision, and eaten with gusto.  Try as I might, I can’t quite replicate it in my home kitchen–you need that Venetian fish broth!  Will have it again soon, but you can define life in terms of days spent in Venice, and days not spent in Venice.

Pair it with a brolettino (a fabulous Lugana).