The cat with a corkscrew tail

Hello World

With an acqua alta of 140cm forecast, my landlord was worried the water would enter the apartment I was renting. He needed to raise the furniture off the floor, to prevent damage. This meant he had to get rid of me relocate me for at least one night. So, as I told a couple of friends, I had a little vacation within my big vacation. The temporary apartment was only a few minutes away, and very near to the bar where they make the best darn spritz in Venice! 

Although the forecast high tide didn’t eventuate, and the apartment was thankfully not affected, the one night turned into 3, as this happened at the weekend, and the apartment would need a good scrub when the cleaner came to work on Monday. 

The move gave me the opportunity to meet this charming little cat, with a tightly coiled tail. He/she was most friendly, and…

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