The New T-Shirts Came Out Pretty Well

sawyer tshirt

Doesn’t hurt that I had the cutest model on the planet to show them off; these are for sale of course, and free to anyone booking a tour, just let us know your t-shirt size when we’re figuring out your itinerary.  They’re made with heavy Gilden brand shirts with a fine cotton feel.

sawyer t-shirt back

I’ll be sporting one in Venice next week while we do some promotional work.  See you over there!

Milan: It’s not that bad really!

Great write up on a city that people overlook…and shouldn’t!

Living in the Langhe

Milan doesn’t usually feature too highly on people’s ‘must visit’ lists. It’s an okay city, a financial powerhouse, but let’s face it, it’s no Florence or Rome. But, that doesn’t mean it’s completely without charm. Circumstances have lead to us taking shelter here for a few months now and I’ve been desperately hunting for things I like about the city the whole time. Finally, I think I may have found just about enough… So, here are my top five things to see and do in Milan.

Milan Duomo up close and detailed

The Duomo –  I admit that this is no insiders tip, everyone knows about the Duomo. But, it is a genuinely breathtaking building. And what’s more, you can go up it. You squeeze into the world’s tiniest payment booth, hand over seven euros and then climb a staircase that’s so narrow it makes the payment booth look like the inside of, well, the Duomo…

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Seafood Cooking Class In The Veneto

Isa’s offering a new class, one for the seafood lovers out there (even if you’re not, don’t discount seafood until you’ve had it prepared the way they do in the Veneto).  It really is different when prepared the way they do there, and the freshness factor is hard to beat–and that’s coming from a native Marylander to boot.


Flying Into Malpensa? This Is Worth A Look.

If you’re an aviation nerd or an erstwhile pilot like me, this sort of thing will be right up your alley.  Malpensa’s an excellent choice if you’re going to start your Italy experience in the north–the fares are usually quite reasonable as it’s a major hub and the train rides you’ll find to Venice, the Lake Region, the rest of the Veneto is pretty regular and quick, and the views along the way are excellent.  The only drawback–public transit options to and from the airport can add considerable travel time as many others have noted.  Getting through Milanese traffic can be a pain, but on net it’s where we’ll often choose to land in Italia.


Lifting Venice? With Water?

This article on NatGeo is an interesting read.   Paradoxically, the solution to Venice’s water problem might be more water.    Apparently part of the city’s problem (beyond the sea level rise caused by climate change and the city just sinking under its own weight) is the depletion of naturally occurring aquifers under the city; the porous sediments under Venice were depleted for industrial water water use for a couple decades last century, and undoing the damage therein would “float” the city closer to its previous but still precarious position.  Neat.  And worth doing!


Opera In Venice–Yes!

We’re going here weekend after next to see La Traviata.  Musica a Palazzo is an opportunity to step back in time, to feel for an evening like you’re living in La Serenissima at the height of its Baroque glory.   Hosted in the regal Barbarigo Minotto palace on the Grand Canal just a few blocks west of Piazza San Marco, the program includes prosecco for guests served during the intermission and a chance to see real Italian opera up close and personal.


Sipping prosecco on the Grand Canal in a Venetian palazzo enjoying a classic?  Sounds great.  We can’t wait.