Lifting Venice? With Water?

This article on NatGeo is an interesting read.   Paradoxically, the solution to Venice’s water problem might be more water.    Apparently part of the city’s problem (beyond the sea level rise caused by climate change and the city just sinking under its own weight) is the depletion of naturally occurring aquifers under the city; the porous sediments under Venice were depleted for industrial water water use for a couple decades last century, and undoing the damage therein would “float” the city closer to its previous but still precarious position.  Neat.  And worth doing!


Opera In Venice–Yes!

We’re going here weekend after next to see La Traviata.  Musica a Palazzo is an opportunity to step back in time, to feel for an evening like you’re living in La Serenissima at the height of its Baroque glory.   Hosted in the regal Barbarigo Minotto palace on the Grand Canal just a few blocks west of Piazza San Marco, the program includes prosecco for guests served during the intermission and a chance to see real Italian opera up close and personal.


Sipping prosecco on the Grand Canal in a Venetian palazzo enjoying a classic?  Sounds great.  We can’t wait.