Milan: It’s not that bad really!

Great write up on a city that people overlook…and shouldn’t!

Living in the Langhe

Milan doesn’t usually feature too highly on people’s ‘must visit’ lists. It’s an okay city, a financial powerhouse, but let’s face it, it’s no Florence or Rome. But, that doesn’t mean it’s completely without charm. Circumstances have lead to us taking shelter here for a few months now and I’ve been desperately hunting for things I like about the city the whole time. Finally, I think I may have found just about enough… So, here are my top five things to see and do in Milan.

Milan Duomo up close and detailed

The Duomo –  I admit that this is no insiders tip, everyone knows about the Duomo. But, it is a genuinely breathtaking building. And what’s more, you can go up it. You squeeze into the world’s tiniest payment booth, hand over seven euros and then climb a staircase that’s so narrow it makes the payment booth look like the inside of, well, the Duomo…

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5 thoughts on “Milan: It’s not that bad really!”

    1. Thanks! Enjoyed your blog as well–we’re looking to grow and let more people know about the wonders found in Northern Italy and would love to share any contributions you care to make. We’ll be in Venice next week taking film and photos for some more content and slide shows and such.

      1. Grazie mille! I enjoyed your surf trip story…the campervan is a dream come true for us, or it would be but I’m not sure how the 2 and 3 year olds would enjoy it.

      2. I think you would need a slightly bigger van than we had… it was cramped with just two of us in there. Other than that, I reckon they would love it, it was such a great trip!

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