A Preview From Mama Isa’s Cooking Class

After she finished the tiramisu preparation class, Isa showed my wife how to do a simple pomodoro sauce with garlic, capers, and a special type of cherry tomato called “daterini”.  You can’t get them in the US, but a good cherry tomato from your farmers market or organic grocer will taste almost as good as what we ate that day in Padova.

I shot about 20mins of video that I’ll edit and share for the foodies out there, but I wanted to get a sneak peak out before dinner time to make you dear readers good and hungry.  We tossed this sauce over some homemade tonnarelli (think square spaghetti) that the wife rolled out and cut right there in Isa’s Padova kitchen.  What a blast!  After all this time sending clients there, the wife was glad she finally got her turn to enjoy Isa’s teachings; Isa’s committed to the original “slow-food” culture, meaning locally sourced, home-prepared ingredients and dishes that eschew processed foods.  She’s keeping the old ways of preparing Italian cuisine alive in this day and age of rampant processed food addiction, and needless to say we support that wholeheartedly.

More on tiramisu and tonnarelli soon!  But for now…yes, this was some darn tasty stuff, so feel free to be jealous. 🙂

New Post Up At KFTW


Nothing earth-shattering for regular readers, but Kiss From The World is a great little site and I want to support their efforts to show people the importance of cultural exchange.   I did put up the obligatory smoochie picture of me and the wife up on top of the belltower at San Giorgio Maggiore as well.  What can I say, Venice just makes you feel amorous!  And that’s a good thing.

Update:  they removed it, saying it was too generic.  I must concede I find that rather disappointing–I was sharing a unique insight about Venice that, when you think about it seems obvious,  but really, really isn’t.  You’d think that’d be the kind of insight they want to have.

Update again:  it’s back, was a misunderstanding.