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Riflessioni, Venezia

The lights and the shimmering water make this one of my favorite Venice images I’ve taken recently.  It was late at night, the city was asleep except for the odd vaporetto idling by (the stern marker light from one is visible in the lower left).  Quiet, stoic, enveloping.

No better place to be on a crisp fall evening.  Be sure to click to see it full size!


Ghosts of Zanipolo

One of the perks of frequently being in Venice in the off season–the sparse crowds at night in popular campi and piazze afford the chance to get one or two folks off in the distance for a long exposure shot.

By dialing back the clarity and upping the masking, you get this ghostly effect that I really like.


Venezia: Castello At Night


One of our favorite things to do in Venice is walk around late at night when the cruise ship crowds are gone and the city is quiet; only the locals are milling around having a nightcap at the prosecco and spritz bars still open and mystery of the place is revealed.

It’s magic.

HDR, 25s exposure, 35mm prime @ f1.8, ISO 200.

Cooking Classes, Hotels, and Wonder

We’ve been sending folks to Mama Isa for a while now, so that my wife got to take one of her tonnarelli and tiramisu classes for herself instead of hearing about other people enjoying it was just wonderful; I figure I should edit the video and stills from that and do a write up on that first.  Several other things that’ll take more time that I want to put together will trickle out in the next week or two, depending on how long this latest bout of jet lag takes to dissipate and let me quit procrastinating.  As much time as I spend in airports, one thing I’ve noticed is conditioning doesn’t matter as you age:  past 35…sitting in a big metal very arid tube for hours and having your biorhythms disrupted just takes a while to get over.  Even a short hop business trip for a few days will leave you drained and dreading airports.


Vaporetto 1


But to tide you fair readers over, I’ll post some pics here and there to share in the wonder that is the Veneto.  And yes, I still cry a little when the train pulls out of the station and Venezia recedes in the distance.   This one:  from the vaporetto *1 at night.  Sigh…such beauty.  Everyone should see this place at least once.  I remain committed to the notion that if they did, we’d end all war.