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Christmas in Venice with RoboCop

This is a great read from a great actor who had the experience so many a tourist has had at first with Venice, only to come to love it for what it is once he had the chance to circumnavigate the tourist traps and experience the real Venice deeply and fully.

Hat tip Dream of Venice.

What Is Prosecco, Anyway?

Not just any sparkling white wine from Italy, mind you.  This is a quick but insightful piece on what exactly prosecco denotes.  We’re planning on doing some more exploring of this region soon and will have reports…stay tuned!  Thanks Dream of Venice for posting this.

Penny Sadler Valdobbiadene

(Photo by Penny Sadler).

Venice At The Dawn Of WW2

Dream of Venice shared this quaint look at Venice in 1940; a dark shadow was descending over Europe at that time, making for a scarily uncertain atmosphere for all Europeans, but the people in this seem charmed, alive, and blissfully unaware of the horrors in the offing for so many of their neighbors.  That so many of Italy’s treasures survived the first and second world wars is something pretty remarkable when you stop to think about it.