What Is Prosecco, Anyway?

Not just any sparkling white wine from Italy, mind you.  This is a quick but insightful piece on what exactly prosecco denotes.  We’re planning on doing some more exploring of this region soon and will have reports…stay tuned!  Thanks Dream of Venice for posting this.

Penny Sadler Valdobbiadene

(Photo by Penny Sadler).

4 thoughts on “What Is Prosecco, Anyway?”

  1. Thanks for sharing and the compliment on the photo. Love what you guys are doing with your artisanal tours. FYI I also wrote the article. It appears on the blog Italian Talks. Thanks!

      1. Indeed! While Italy’s art, art history, architecture, culture, landmarks, etc are super important and set a wonderful backdrop for experiential education, the food and wine experiences are what draw people and families together for the most memorable moments and keep people hungering for more. Italy’s viniculture and culinary panache are certainly why going there will be something we do for the rest of our lives. 🙂

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