Interview of the week: Mama Isa about cooking and travel

An interview with one of our favorites, Mama Isa

Ilana on the road

Cooking is a relatively new passion, but I also loved to travel and thus, when I find good opportunities both for travel and learning to cook I wish I have enough time and resources to spend my life in a kitchen in the middle of a nice cute location in the middle of nature. But I only wish and write about my wishes. Some were able to achieve this dream. 

I discovered the wonderful work that Mama Isa is doing on Facebook and Twitter and decided to dare to ask her an interview. With a strong academic background, she decided to spend her life cooking and helping people to learn how cook. Let’s read some of her advices and stories!


You are historian by background. How did you decide to make history in the kitchen? 

I spent five years at University of Venice and ended up with a B.S…

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