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Wine Two Five

What fun–click here to listen to the W25 podcast featuring Sassi Italy Tours!

As is well known around here, we’re huge fans of the WineTwoFive podcast because it gives you a look at the inquisitive, geeky side of wine culture without all the huffery and snootery that much of serious wineblogging and wine social-media’ing is known for.  It’s informative without being snobby, entertaining without missing what really matters to wine drinkers.

Lucky for us, I got to appear on the podcast this week, talking about the importance of wine travel, getting outside our touristy comfort zones, and digging into the *real* Italy and the wonderful wine culture you can find off the beaten path.  Give it a listen!


Drawing Post

Unless you can draw this well, you probably should consider getting some instruction from @SassiDrawing.  (Hint:  you cannot draw this well.)

Sassi Drawing in Denver

Check out Raphael Sassi’s prominent mention in this article about the impressive collection on display at the RedLine gallery in Denver.


His silverpoint drawing was one of the pieces used in the article.  Silverpoint is a remarkable medium wherein the artist uses a silver wire on a surface prepared with gesso or primer, and Raphael is widely known as one of the premier silverpoint artists in the country.

Torcello’s Lonely Sentry


This magnificent fellow stands a lonely watch outside the sculpture museum on Torcello, the quiet little island where the first Venetians built a homestead to hide from the raiding Lombards and their ilk.  To think of all that’s come and gone for the Venetian republic since an anonymous sculptor liberated him from a marble blank centuries ago…