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Drawing Post

Unless you can draw this well, you probably should consider getting some instruction from @SassiDrawing.  (Hint:  you cannot draw this well.)

Sassi Drawing in Denver

Check out Raphael Sassi’s prominent mention in this article about the impressive collection on display at the RedLine gallery in Denver.


His silverpoint drawing was one of the pieces used in the article.  Silverpoint is a remarkable medium wherein the artist uses a silver wire on a surface prepared with gesso or primer, and Raphael is widely known as one of the premier silverpoint artists in the country.

Nan Wood Surveys The Front Range: Sassi Drawing’s Latest Gem

Sassi Drawing and Sassi Italy Tours proudly present the latest masterpiece from Raphael Sassi.  It will be displayed at the Carla Massoni Gallery in Chestertown, MD beginning next week.  In addition to guided tours for aspiring artists and drawing from the masters, Raphael is available for private commissions.  Contact him here or at @SassiDrawing on Twitter and Facebook.

Oil Painting by Sassi Drawing

Visual arts master, portrait artist extraordinaire, and visionary behind Drawing from the Masters Raphael Sassi has unveiled his latest work, an oil painting commission.  His use of light and emotional honesty captures his subjects very spirit in such a way that you expect him to jump out of the tub at any moment.  Amazing.

Bathtub portrait

Want To Learn To Draw Like This?

little boy portraitWell….odds are pretty strong that unless your name is Raphaello Sanzio or Michelangelo Buonarroti, you won’t ever be this good, but we can guarantee we’ll be able to show you what it takes to do this sort of thing and be able to appreciate the ridiculous level of talent Raphael Sassi has.  There’s no better way to do so than to stand in front of the works of the masters themselves and have a modern virtuoso painter and drawer like Raphael pointing out the genius and the technique of the Renaissance masters.