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One of the valuable services Doug provides that you just can’t get from reading TripAdvisor or going it alone–a sense of which restaurants and culinary experiences are going to require some serious prior planning. As a service to these clients, Doug lined up a meal at small Florence restaurant with an amazing atmosphere and very limited seating; without a res, you’re waiting a couple hours in hopes of a seat (you’ll see some folks looking on hopefully). Helping you avoid wasting time in lines is a valuable service–you don’t get to go Italy every day, so don’t waste time getting lost or stuck in lines you could have avoided by letting us help you.

Massimo fillets a fish!

One of the neat things about eating in Venice is the craftsmanship that goes into even simple tasks, like the tableside filleting of freshly caught fish. Trattoria da Romana is the only restaurant in Venice allowed to cook food over a wood fire, so you get flavors here you can’t get anywhere else, quite literally.

Berlusconi’s party splits

The latest on the soap opera that is Berlusconi.

Italian Insight

In a speech which is being delivered to the National Council of his party, Mr Silvio Berlusconi was compelled to confirm what had already been anticipated by news agencies: Deputy Prime Minister Angelino Alfano is leaving the party together with all of Berlusconi’s Ministers, some Secretaries of State and dozens of MPs.

After weeks of nervous negotiations, Mr Alfano took his final decision fearing that Mr Berlusconi was going to torpedo the Government immediately after his expulsion from the Senate.

It is not the first time that Mr Berlusconi is deserted by the moderate wing of his party, it famously happened with the expulsion of Mr Gianfranco Fini, the then President of the Chamber of Deputies. Mr Berlusconi, however, was at the zenith of his power: Mr Fini was isolated with just a handful of MPs, and in the long run he was not even reelected.

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Osteria da Rioba

A nice find in Cannaregio; not the lowest cost meal in Venice, but it gets good ratings for a reason and is well worth the walk and the price point. The food is elegant, popular with the locals, and presented with a fantastic aesthetic. Come join us for dinner here!

As you can see, Doug’s clients are enjoying themselves, getting a great taste for the real Veneto cuisine, and no doubt looking forward to their next visit to Venice.

Chianti Classico Docg 2010 – Lilliano

I’m thinking this bottle and some thinly sliced pecorino and reggiano slices and figs. Yes!

MyWine Channel

chianti_classico_lilliano Sangiovese: 80-85%; Colorino, Canaiolo and complementary grape varieties: 15-20%

Vinification: phases, times and temperatures.

Selection of the bunches in the vineyard; repeated daily pumping over for at least 20 days, at temperatures mainly between 28 and 32°C.

Maturing/ageing phases, times and containers used: Storage in vitreous cement tanks until malolactic fermentation is completed.

Vintage Chianti Classico is aged for at least one year in stainless steel and medium-sized barrels; ageing in the bottle: 2/3.

Sensorial analysis: 

Colour: deep ruby tending towards garnet

Perfume: fruity Flavour: full and harmonious

Serve with: roasts, red meat, game and cheese .

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Music on Burano

Burano really is a little slice of heaven, and we’re at once glad and a little sad that most Venice visitors miss it. We’re proud to say that Doug discovered the wonders of Trattoria da Romano a couple of decades before Tony Bourdain “discovered” it. 🙂

Sounds, sights, and smells of the best seafood you’ll ever have.