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Santa Croce

Forgive our clients shooting this snippet in profile view, but it’s a great little example of the romance and serene mystery found in these quiet little cloisters in Florence. Doug’s offering a little insight into what makes this spot so special. It’s the added benefit of having him as your private Florence (or Rome…or Venice…or Siena…or Verona…or Vicenca…etc) guide. His knowledge is a treasure trove you should have with you as you explore this miraculously ancient place.

13 Gobbi

One of the valuable services Doug provides that you just can’t get from reading TripAdvisor or going it alone–a sense of which restaurants and culinary experiences are going to require some serious prior planning. As a service to these clients, Doug lined up a meal at small Florence restaurant with an amazing atmosphere and very limited seating; without a res, you’re waiting a couple hours in hopes of a seat (you’ll see some folks looking on hopefully). Helping you avoid wasting time in lines is a valuable service–you don’t get to go Italy every day, so don’t waste time getting lost or stuck in lines you could have avoided by letting us help you.


Another peek into the genius of a Doug Sassi tour, and the wonders of Florence at night. Have a delicious meal at a family run restaurant that offers the the authentic Tuscan culinary experience, and then stroll around with Doug and see the romance and mystery Italy offers the nocturnal.

And thusly make room for some gelato.