Santa Croce

Forgive our clients shooting this snippet in profile view, but it’s a great little example of the romance and serene mystery found in these quiet little cloisters in Florence. Doug’s offering a little insight into what makes this spot so special. It’s the added benefit of having him as your private Florence (or Rome…or Venice…or Siena…or Verona…or Vicenca…etc) guide. His knowledge is a treasure trove you should have with you as you explore this miraculously ancient place.

Giorgione, Home Away From Home In Venice

Love this quick video (check out the little wine bar on the left…imagine having a nightcap there after a lovely meal in Venice) our recent clients sent us of Doug walking them back to the Giorgione after dinner and an evening stroll through Cannaregio. It’s only a brief snippet, but you can get a feel for the warmth of the place and the artistry of the marble in the lobby. Even with a cell camera video, you feel the romance and mystery in the Venetian evening.

It really makes us feel “at home” to be regulars there, and our clients universally fall in love the with hotel and look forward to coming back again soon. Our home in Venice!