Music on Burano

Burano really is a little slice of heaven, and we’re at once glad and a little sad that most Venice visitors miss it. We’re proud to say that Doug discovered the wonders of Trattoria da Romano a couple of decades before Tony Bourdain “discovered” it. 🙂

Sounds, sights, and smells of the best seafood you’ll ever have.

Murano Walk

A quick peek at what it looks like when you hop off the vaporetto and walk past some of the restaurants and glass shops that line the sidewalk and canal. As much as I love watching travel shows on TV and seeing canned professional shots executed from afar, these brief, more personal shots our clients captured are way more intimate and give you a better feel for what it’s really like.


Another peek into the genius of a Doug Sassi tour, and the wonders of Florence at night. Have a delicious meal at a family run restaurant that offers the the authentic Tuscan culinary experience, and then stroll around with Doug and see the romance and mystery Italy offers the nocturnal.

And thusly make room for some gelato.