13 Gobbi

One of the valuable services Doug provides that you just can’t get from reading TripAdvisor or going it alone–a sense of which restaurants and culinary experiences are going to require some serious prior planning. As a service to these clients, Doug lined up a meal at small Florence restaurant with an amazing atmosphere and very limited seating; without a res, you’re waiting a couple hours in hopes of a seat (you’ll see some folks looking on hopefully). Helping you avoid wasting time in lines is a valuable service–you don’t get to go Italy every day, so don’t waste time getting lost or stuck in lines you could have avoided by letting us help you.

Massimo fillets a fish!

One of the neat things about eating in Venice is the craftsmanship that goes into even simple tasks, like the tableside filleting of freshly caught fish. Trattoria da Romana is the only restaurant in Venice allowed to cook food over a wood fire, so you get flavors here you can’t get anywhere else, quite literally.