Driving Fast In Italy

If you haven’t seen this episode of Top Gear, you should. The Gallardo is magical. The roads in Italy aren’t nearly as bumpy as James May would have you think (at least not in my experience). The drive to Switzerland from Italy? Heaven on earth.

If you’d like a driving tour of the Lake Region and the mountains, it’s certainly something we can arrange (the Gallardo will make it a bit costly however). Want to add some culture to your Italian driving experience? A couple nights in Como and Sirmione to relax? Right in our core expertise.

We can also do biking and motorcycling tours in Italy as well (inquire via our website or email).

Spring Has Sprung at Sassi Italy Tours World HQ

Spring Has Sprung at Sassi Italy Tours World HQ

Our weeping cherry is blossoming in its typically lovely fashion, and it’s warm. Time for some spring travel to Italy! As mentioned earlier there are still some deals to grab this season if you act soon, so if you’re on the fence let us know and we’ll see what’s available, but for the most part we’re recommending fall departures at the moment.

Madonna di Campiglio

I first went here in 1989 with my dad.  I was 14…and utterly unable to appreciate it properly at the time.  Nowadays I watch the Top Gear guys zipping Italian sports cars around the mountain passes in northern Italy and it reminds me of what a stunning place it is, and why it’s on my list of places to go see again soon.


A good friend of our family from Brescia was originally from the area and had a cabin on a hillside looking out at the Dolomites off in the distance.  I remember thinking it felt out of the way and without the things of interest to a 14 year old American, but it’s precisely these out of the way places that make Italy so amazing–and as adults we should seek out!  It’s not a place commonly found on a tour itinerary, but if you want to experience the Italian Alps (and you should!) we can definitely help you get there.  You’ll need to rent a car, but it’s worth the expense.


Pinocchio and Pizza

Another great post. So true about La Cucina Povera–so many of the best dishes are peasant inspired recipes rooted not just in tradition, but necessity. If we would all be a bit more considerate to the Earth by not wasting food!

The Travel Lady In Her Shoes

I would rather eat a fresh baked piece of bread than just about anything. To tell the truth, I could eat an entire loaf if left to my vices.  For Italian bread lovers there is focaccia, ciabatta, pizza. FCP. I love it all.  Italian rustic bread with olives and rosemary, bring it on.   In Florence I was first introduced to Ribollita, day old bread covered in a tuscan vegetable soup (reboiled day old soup).    Italy is famous for using day old bread/ no salt bread, in their dishes and I was curious about this. In one of the most popular places for cuisine on earth, recipes have developed from a history of malnutrition and hunger. During the war, the working class lived on what they could gain from their meager rations and gather from the land.

The cookbook, Cucina Povera, by Pamela Sheldon Johns, tells the story of…

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