GDP in Piedmont

GDP in Piedmont

If you subscribe to Snooth, you’ll get to read Greg del Piaz’s writeups on Italian wine (and like me, he loves the Nebbiolo…but I gather his tasting budget exceeds that of most everyday red wine drinkers).  They’re great, concise, and approachable reads, in which he avoids using a lot of the wine snootery and silly jargon many who are curious about wine find intimidating and indecipherable,  and actually makes fun of that stuff, which I always enjoy reading.  (No, I don’t know why you’d think a “structured, serious wine that has hints of stalky leatheriness, rare wildflower pollen and Andes mountain grass” would be appealing or something you could relate to either).

Apparently there are some really good vintages tasting right now; we’d be happy to help you arrange tours in the Piemonte and elsewhere–experience old world wines where they’re made!

Danger Baby!

Danger Baby!

Sawyer wanted nothing to do with anyone helping her hold on–I can do it my big self! She was fond of noting how high up she was!

Mommy, grandma, and I are going to be so nervous when we take baby to Venice for the first time, she’s such a little daredevil. Part of the challenge of parenting: letting baby have adventure without letting her get herself into too much trouble.

Late Night in Roma

Another great write up of the wonder that is Roma.

The Travel Lady In Her Shoes

The front and main entrance to the church at Santa Brigida faces the square of the Piazza Farnese. Looking out from Santa Brigida to the right on the piazza is the Farnese Palazzo, now the French Embassy.  There is a guard house for the armed soldiers, who carry angry looking machine guns.  A utility vehicle painted in camouflage  looks well equipped with anything needed in a crisis.   Armed guards constantly patrol the grounds of the embassy. Two armed soldiers are posted at the vehicle at all times. The piazza is small and quiet with no markets set up during the day and no hawkers shooting off the plastic rockets that glow like firecrackers when propelled into the night sky. During the day tourists sit on the long marble bench in front of the embassy to rest.

Our room at the convent faced the small cobbled side street and as we…

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