Why Aren’t All Italians Obese?

It is indeed something you notice in Italy–the people are pretty fit and noticeably much less fat that we Americans are, and many a person on our tours has noticed that despite eating a ton of amazing food, by the end of the trip their jeans are loose.

Sure, it’s a walking culture (and all the tour walking is why you’re losing weight on a Sassi Italy Tour), but there’s more to it than that I think. Rather than obsessing about carb vs. fat vs. protein or whether cavemen ate it, Italians simple eat locally sourced non-processed foods in moderate amounts, lots of veggies and lean meats occasionally, and they stay active.

A good thing to emulate.

A while ago one of you noted in passing that

when I have been to Italy I did not see too many over weight people. And you eat pasta all the time […]

To Italian ears, the remark is of course a non sequitur, but in US culture it’s a genuine curiosity, worthy of some explanation.

The explanation is this: we are not too overweight (neither  we are too weight-concerned) because we do not really eat so much.

Point one: size

Many years ago, when I was young and wild, I was in San Antonio, Texas and, meat-eater that I am, I mistakenly ordered a large of baby ribs. The fact that the menu mentioned the word “bucket” as the serving container should have warned me, because I was actually served a bucketful of baby ribs. And although my personal meat-eating record is a 1,3kg fiorentina (bone included), I…

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Lovage and Chive pasta

lovage and chive

Lovage is a great bitter leaf flavor; it contrasts incredibly well with the sweet veggie-sausage from the Field Roast brand. Just tossed it in olive and garlic butter after warming up the sausage and chives. Finished the whole wheat pasta (didn’t have time to make my own tonight) in sausage lovage chive garlic butter and tossed with a healthy handful of grated Romano.

Fantastic! The kids were asking for seconds.

ETA: the picture didn’t post from mobile.  Might have a setting that needs changed?