GDP in Piedmont

GDP in Piedmont

If you subscribe to Snooth, you’ll get to read Greg del Piaz’s writeups on Italian wine (and like me, he loves the Nebbiolo…but I gather his tasting budget exceeds that of most everyday red wine drinkers).  They’re great, concise, and approachable reads, in which he avoids using a lot of the wine snootery and silly jargon many who are curious about wine find intimidating and indecipherable,  and actually makes fun of that stuff, which I always enjoy reading.  (No, I don’t know why you’d think a “structured, serious wine that has hints of stalky leatheriness, rare wildflower pollen and Andes mountain grass” would be appealing or something you could relate to either).

Apparently there are some really good vintages tasting right now; we’d be happy to help you arrange tours in the Piemonte and elsewhere–experience old world wines where they’re made!

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