Madonna di Campiglio

I first went here in 1989 with my dad.  I was 14…and utterly unable to appreciate it properly at the time.  Nowadays I watch the Top Gear guys zipping Italian sports cars around the mountain passes in northern Italy and it reminds me of what a stunning place it is, and why it’s on my list of places to go see again soon.


A good friend of our family from Brescia was originally from the area and had a cabin on a hillside looking out at the Dolomites off in the distance.  I remember thinking it felt out of the way and without the things of interest to a 14 year old American, but it’s precisely these out of the way places that make Italy so amazing–and as adults we should seek out!  It’s not a place commonly found on a tour itinerary, but if you want to experience the Italian Alps (and you should!) we can definitely help you get there.  You’ll need to rent a car, but it’s worth the expense.


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