It’s Not The Dolomites, But…

…the view of Colorado Springs from the hills under Pikes Peak on the Intemann Trail is great. You can’t see Pikes behind the clouds right before the video ends, but you can see what’s so magical about the area and why people settled here long ago–blue skies and rain and clouds all in the same panorama, and dry brush growing from red rocks. It’s quiet here and I look forward to hiking it again.

Need to keep getting in shape for that Dolomites tour.

Italy leases castles, palaces and fortresses

In case you’re wondering what I want for Christmas.

Italian Insight

For Rent sign

In the framework of the strenous efforts by the Italian Government to rebalance the budget, the State Assets Agency is offering for rent seventy very prestigious buildings belonging to the Italian State.

Between these buildings there are the fortress of Peschiera del Garda , the penitentiary of Santo Island, the Old Bishopric Palace in Trieste, the Certosa of Pavia, the castle of Soriano and the lighting house of Capo Comino.

Rent contracts have already been signed for Villa Tolomei, Villa Bardini and the lighting house of Capo Spartivento.

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