Deals on Tours

Ordinarily we’re pretty picky about where we’ll have our customers stay.  We’d rather ask you to spend a bit more money to stay in a hotel we trust, as the risk in lodging guests in questionable accommodations or places far from the attractions we’d ordinarily include on a tour just isn’t worth it.  But we’re willing to do the research and dig for low cost accommodations for clients who have limited budgets or want to go in high-demand times of year with the caveat that they be willing and prepared to take cabs or other ground transport to get to the sites they want to see instead of walking as we’d normally do.

And sometimes it really makes for a compelling offer.  We lined up something for a client today that would be three nights Venice, two Florence, and three in Rome this June for $2750 a person including airfare, trains, hotels, museum and historical site admissions, private tours with Doug Sassi, shuttles, taxis, etc.  This was based on a really cheap flight I found out of JFK; depending on your airfare your cost might be different, and you can source your own flight if you like.

We only have a couple slots available as we strictly cap group size, so if you want to go the last week of June bear that in mind, but we can probably strike the same deal for the week before or the week after.


This is an unheard of good deal.  Let me know if you want to jump on it or want to know which attractions it includes (there are tons, too many to list here).  This isn’t something we generally do, but once in a while when hotel availability is tight and costs are squeezing clients we’ll try to pass things like this along.

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