Books and the Mafia

An interesting read from CLL. Some thoughts; Italy has a problem with graft and political corruption, but the Mafia shooting the place up all the time like you see in the movies…not so much. Glad to read a slightly less melodramatic recounting. Secondly…I’m sure Ms. Mayes appreciates that people appreciate her story, but she probably doesn’t need flowers and teddy bears at her doorstep all the time. I’m a fan of the story too, but let’s let the lady have some peace and quiet.

The Travel Lady In Her Shoes

I think this is a good place to talk about the book reading prep  I have done for the trip to Italy. Not just this time, but over the years. I love to read and cook, except by now you know I’ve been doing the Nutrisystem thing since January 1st, I have that day etched in my mind,  so I just read the cookbooks for now.  I’ m saving up the eating part for Italy.  My book choices are varied because I like history and mysteries too and of course I have to read the books that talk about people who have actually moved to Italy.  There are lots of books to pick from, but these are the books that stuck in my mind. Years ago I read  Underthe Tuscan Sun, At Home in Italyby Frances Mayes, after I saw the movie.  I knew then and…

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