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Venice *is* a Land of Culinary Treasures

Just some of the delights waiting for you in the Veneto.  You’ll often read on sites like TripAdvisor folks complaining about the food in Venice, and invariably it really is just a matter of not knowing where to look for the good stuff and failure to get away from the tourist traps.  Don’t miss out on the culinary experience of a lifetime when you’re there–let us help you get to “the real deal!”

Gourmet Cicchetti In Venice

After a long flight and incurring some rather confused circadian rhythms, it was time for some vino bianco and some smoked swordfish wrapped around robiola, artichoke hearts, Italian tuna in red peppers, bacala, and local sardines and anchovies marinated in lemon and olive oil. Perhaps the best food I’ve ever had, and not just because we we’re travel weary.

This is one of our secret spots, well out of the way, but so worth finding! Come join us.