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Venice *is* a Land of Culinary Treasures

Just some of the delights waiting for you in the Veneto.  You’ll often read on sites like TripAdvisor folks complaining about the food in Venice, and invariably it really is just a matter of not knowing where to look for the good stuff and failure to get away from the tourist traps.  Don’t miss out on the culinary experience of a lifetime when you’re there–let us help you get to “the real deal!”

We Don’t Eat Here

One of the many reasons to travel to Venice with us is finding the “real Venice” away from the tourist traps where the authentic Venetian cuisine is found.  A side perk:  none of our customers has ever been put in the hospital by a waiter.

For the record, violence of ALL kinds in Venice is exceedingly rare and this event probably qualifies as a lightning strike type incident, but needless to say knowing where to not eat is as important as anything you’ll decide on your trip to Italy.  Don’t waste time on bad food and tourist traps!   And not to victim blame, but you don’t go to Venice for the steak any more than you go to Lubbock, TX for the sushi.