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Lugana Wines Getting Their Due!

A much overlooked wine region that frankly makes the best white wine in the world is finally getting some notice in the wine press.  You really don’t read much about Lugana online or in print, and it’s a shame–though a small region and one overshadowed by its larger, high volume producing cousins in Soave and the Friulan hills, Lugana makes full flavored, rich, chewy whites that mesh perfectly with the seafood dishes you’ll find in the Veneto.

We loved our recent visit with the folks at Le Morette, and look forward to going back and tasting their latest work soon.

Ca’ Lojera


One of the great parts of the Lugana wine district is the lovely way these fantastic buildings and vineyards are integrated into a busy region close to big cities like Brescia and Verona.  Lots of boats, a lovely lake, tourists from other parts of the EU, and some of the best white wines in the world.  We took this at Ca’ Lojera as we wrapped a lovely day tasting and exploring.

Delicious Sirmione

We stopped for lunch in Sirmione and had an elegant meal with fine Lugana selections to quaff with our seafood dishes.  For me it was the local whitefish grilled with olive oil after this opener, a creamy tomato broth with pike ravioli.  Delicious.

There’s so much more diversity in Italian food than people realize–it’s not all ragu dishes and pizza!  Especially in the Veneto and Lake Region.  Come check it out!

Sirmione lunch_8

Save Lugana (wishing I’d known about this sooner…)

We generally avoid political discussions here, but this is important:  one of the best white wine producing regions in the world, let alone Italy, is in jeopardy because of the intransigence and ineptitude of the Italian political monster.

It’s too late to sign the petition, but it’s not too late to be aware of the issue and, if you value Italy as it is and should be, to stay abreast of current events and upcoming initiatives.

Be sure to like this FB page:  Consorzio Tutela Lugana DOC.  


They can reroute a train a heckuva lot easier than they can relocate a wine region.