Fun with Wine and Google Earth, Tuscany Edition

It’s been cold (as in single digit temps, dipping into the subzero range) and snowy here in The Springs, whereas Doug Sassi and his clients have been enjoying balmy mid to upper 50s in Venice this week.  Did we mention we’re jealous?

It was time to feed the kids, and nothing is more likely to please the palate of cranky two and three year olds than daddy’s homemade cherry tomato porcini mushroom garlic laden red wine tomato sauce over some noodles with lots of reggiano cheese.  And for the grownups, a taste of the Italian countryside courtesy of our friends over at Sovereignty.  We went for one of our very cost effective and reliable favorites, the Rosso Toscana IGT from Fattoria il Palagio.  80% Sangiovese rounded out with some Cab, it really sings (and for around $9) with a savory red sauce.  Nothing fancy or complex, just a harmonious red table wine that like most of the wines we favor reminds you of, well…being tableside in Italy.  Time to take a look at where our wine hails from:

Palagio 1

About halfway on the road between Volterra and Siena and south of Firenze, Fattoria il Palagio is smack in the middle of Tuscan wine country, nestled in the triangle formed by Firenze, Siena, and Livorno.  It’s really where you want to be instead of being snowed upon.  Another click inward reveals lots of woods, naturally, and rolling farmland.  Tuscany’s agrarian roots are readily apparent.

Palagio 3

Another click closer shows us the 10,000ft view of a small vineyard near a small town; you can tell already this is a place that has reverence for doing things in a traditional fashion.  There’s nary a WalMart or BestBuy to be seen.  No parking lots, no strip malls, no Starbucks.  Just Tuscany.

Palagio 4

Imagine the patience and love it takes to tend to neat rows of grapes trained so tidily for the seven generations Fattoria il Palagio has been in operation.

Palagio 5

Time for the street view:

Palagio 6

I don’t think it gets any better.  Cypress trees, long gravel driveway, clear blue skies…you can smell and feel the warmth of the place.  Google’s robot-on-the-car unfortunately didn’t make it any further up the road, but a glance at Fattoria il Palagio’s website makes the place look even more inviting.  Huge upside:  they offer locally pressed olive oil as well.  Definitely adding this place to the list of places to send clients who want an authentic Tuscan wine tasting experience.  The view to the right as you head into town from the vineyard is elegant:

Palagio 7

More Tuscan goodness as you make your way into the hamlet of Castel San Gimignano:

Palagio 8

Time to go *here*…pronto.

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