Risotto–It’s What’s For Dinner (I Wish)


As the sun sets on a lovely Saturday afternoon in fall, it makes me wish I was on Burano this afternoon enjoying a plate of Trattoria Da Romano’s timeless, unequaled, and definitive seafood risotto.

It’s a dish made with love, served with precision, and eaten with gusto.  Try as I might, I can’t quite replicate it in my home kitchen–you need that Venetian fish broth!  Will have it again soon, but you can define life in terms of days spent in Venice, and days not spent in Venice.

Pair it with a brolettino (a fabulous Lugana).

Parting, Such Sweet Sorrow

Always regrettable to leave Venice, but one must remember you’re only feeling that wistful sadness because you’ve had the good fortune to enjoy the wonderment that is La Serenissima.  It’s been great to have Leah from Leah Travels experience Venice with us, and we’re looking forward to what she writes about her time there with us and our good friends at the Hotel Giorgione.   She got a chance to see Venice off the beaten path, to taste cicchetti at side street winebars, to eat the best seafood meals on the planet at restaurants most tourists miss and most big-bus tour operations haven’t even heard of, and see the REAL Venice as it should be experienced–a time capsule of a bygone era that you can see, touch, taste, and indulge in with your whole being.

We hope to see her again soon, and hope to share the magic with you.

Murano With Leah Travels

Today Doug is conducting a tour of Murano with our friend Leah from www.leahtravels.com.  Follow her excellent photography on her Instagram!  Tomorrow:  Burano and Torcello.  Leah has an excellent eye for all things travel related and I can’t wait to see what she comes up with this week in Venice.

Leah in Murano


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