More Fun With Google Wine Tours…Lazio Edition

Tonight we did some broiled tuna steaks with radicchio and capers in olive oil, and I thought it called for some vino bianco for the sauce.  A quick trip to Sovereignty Wines was required, and I noticed they had a special on Seiano Bianco, a dark straw colored IGT offering from a little town called Teverina in the Viterbo area, just south of Orvieto.  It’s on a ridiculous sale for a price I won’t even mention, but expect to pay $9 or so on average.  11.5% ABV, and very much the right wine for a dish like this.  As you can probably guess, after dinner we were dying to learn more about the village where this came from.

seiano 1

As you can see above, looking up Teverina gets you to the rolling hills east of Lago di Bolsena, a glacial lake carved into the Lazio countryside.  Let’s click onward:

seiano 2
Looks pretty agrarian with a decent sized town at the core.  You’ll notice it’s right on the edge of what’s considered Lazio and what’s Umbria.  Neat.

seiano 3Lovely.  The city center comes into view, as do some rows of local vineyards tucked neatly into the hillsides.  Time for a street view:

seiano 4

As you meander down a few clicks from where the offices for Seiano are reported via Google, you arrive at a little bend in the road where the local vino is sourced.  Check out those well-trained grapes growing on the sun-drenched Lazio slopes with Umbrian hills in the background.  Another town that looks like it’s worth a visit.  Checking out the rest of the town, you can’t help but love the narrow decidedly *not* SUV friendly streets:

Screen shot 2014-11-09 at 9.49.57 PM

This place looks pretty livable:

Screen shot 2014-11-09 at 9.53.10 PM

The hills off in the distance from the city center:

Screen shot 2014-11-09 at 9.59.50 PM

To borrow from Tony Bourdain, this place does not suck.

Screen shot 2014-11-09 at 10.09.34 PM

A side benefit–if you were to make it here, you’d be a short jaunt from Orvieto (also known for great white wines, which, if you’re reading this, you probably already know), and not too much further south to go explore the Tivoli Gardens.

EDITED TO ADD:  Looks like the wine makers run a small overnight accommodation that looks very, VERY inviting.  If you want to go, Sassi Italy Tours can get you there.  Let us know.

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