The Big Apple Tours

The Big Apple Tours

We do more than just Italy (though we do mostly Italy). For our European friends, we also do private tours of Washington DC and New York City. Last weekend Doug took some French folks on a sight seeing tour of Manhattan (he was born and raised in New York and got his degrees in art and art history from Pratt in Brooklyn, and is a fun, fun guy to have with you in the city that never sleeps).


ETA:  You don’t have to be from Europe for us to show you around New York!  Feel free to engage us any time from anywhere to see if we can help; our NYC biz is mostly so far word of mouth however, and typically has come from people who’ve used us in Italy who are European and want to come see the US.  But it’s a short jaunt for Doug via the Amtrak to get there, and if you want to see the city he’s your guy.

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