It’s so true…while the core of our expertise is Doug’s art, art history, and architectural knowledge, the thing you’re going to remember about your time in Italy is the food. And this is a good thing. 🙂

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Whenever we talk to students about their study abroad experience after coming home, there is a recurring theme that each and every student will talk about for hours.


Whether it’s Italy’s  pasta, Spain’s churros, or Asia’s curry, the tastes of our destinations stick with us. Like an old song, we seek out those forgotten flavors in hopes of recreating our experiences abroad. But no matter how great the corner bakery may be,  it’s just never the same as snagging a market baguette in Paris, is it? Not.Even.Close.

Instead of paying oodles to try (and fail) to recapture what you ate while abroad at an American restaurant, I suggest making it yourself.

When I was in Rome, I had the unique opportunity to take a weekend cooking class with a few other students through my host institution, the Lorenzo de Medici. Our chef/teacher/guru was Giordano Franci, a professor at LdM…

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