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The video for the tiramisu class is up, and it’s a fun watch.  Mama Isa is preserving the old ways of doing things (Italy really is the original slow-food movement) and artisanal approaches to food preparation.  You can’t tell from watching, but rest assured that soggy four day old processed mess of a tiramisu you’re getting at the Macaroni Grill is *nothing* like the light, airy, to die for tiramisu Isa and my wife made in Padova.  I tried not to give away all of her trade secrets here, but you will see her talking about the simple ingredients list that comprises this elegant dessert.

Can’t wait for the SO to make some more. 🙂

Well, That’s Awful–La Beccherie Closing

A rather iconic Treviso restaurant is apparently shutting down, blaming the recent change in the way Italians eat out and the flagging Italian economy.  It’s true, over the past decade or so more American style eat on the go fast-food joints have started dotting the landscape and changing the way Italians (and let’s face it, the Italians ARE the original slow-food movement, making this a particularly unfortunate bit of globalization fallout) take their meals.  As a result, traditional restauranteurs are feeling quite the squeeze.
isa tiramisu(Mama Isa’s take on tiramisu shown here…yes!)

Suffice it to say, on a Sassi Italy Tour you won’t be eating a lot of fast food.  Fear not!

I’m always a bit skeptical of “this dish was invented here” stories, as I suspect pastries and desserts and entrees evolve more than get “invented,” but to see this place go is disappointing.  Treviso is beautiful, by the way.