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How To Explore Piemonte Wines: Guest Post with Valerie Q!

Thanks much to our friend Valerie Quintanilla for the chance to guest write a post on good entry wines for people looking to learn about the wonders of “vini Piemontese.”

Giribaldi Corks

We can’t all walk down to the higher end wine store and plunk down $275 for a bottle of Gaja’s latest release Barbarescos and Barolos to squirrel away in the wine cellar, but anyone can approach these wines and appreciate them now, with dinner tonight in fact.  (Indeed, if you filled a case with these wines, you still wouldn’t spend $275!)


What a great complement to roasted brussels sprouts, steak, and tuna steak we had with dinner.  Some mild oxidation on the finish, typical for a 2006 wine, but still the lovely rounded off by age tannins you’d expect from a Barbaresco.  Chocolate and a hint of ripe cherries on the finish, but dry to the core and perfect.  What a value.


Barbaresco (36 of 1)

Complimenti, Giribaldi!

Congrats to our friends in Rodello for this excellent result from a renowned critic.   And yes, this wine is not only fabulous, but a fabulous buy.  If you can find a better Italian red at this price point, we’ll buy your next bottle.  It really is a $60 wine, but it’s priced in the mid-$30s.  Grab it when you see it.


One of our favorites (if not *the* favorite) from the recent Piemonte exploration has finally made its way to Sovereignty Wines‘ shelves thanks to our persistent pestering of their distributor.  Well worth the wait!

This beauty pairs nicely with anything savory, spicy meats, cheeses, and hearty soups.  Pester your local wine shop for it too, as it’ll be time well spent.  A perfect exploration of Piemonte in a glass, and an approachable one–only $14 or so, and way less fussy than its aging-required pricey Barolo cousin.  Barolo is the wine the Piemontese sell to make a living, but nebbiolo and dolcetto are what they drink themselves.  You’ll see why!

The Vines of Rodello

Pretty hard to beat.  What a place!  Take the time to get off the beaten path in Italy and you are *rewarded*.  It’s not necessarily easy to get here, but we can certainly get you there, and you’ll be greeted with some pretty amazing hospitality.

Thanks go to our friends at Giribaldi.