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Knowing Nebbiolo Hands

One of the most aesthetically pleasing things to do in Italy in October is lose yourself in a vineyard on a hillside where Italian folks are harvesting the last of the late harvest grapes; our friends at Fratelli Mossio were collecting their nebbiolo (the last grape harvested typically in Piemonte).  This shot was our friend Valerio Mossio’s 92 year old mother collecting grapes, and I think it’s the most beautiful photo I’ve ever taken except for those of my children.

Wine Friday is Dolcetto Day

Found some Mossio Dolcetto d’Alba thanks to our friends at K&L Wines in San Francisco.  We need to find Valerio and company more distribution in the US!  They certainly deserve it, and so does the discerning Piemontese wine consumer.  Excited to try the Abbona as well!

DolcettoFriday (36 of 1).jpg      DolcettoFriday2 (36 of 1)